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I'm a neuroscientist trained in bioinformatics and former Science Editor for The Ubyssey. I deeply admire people who take care of themselves & others, pay attention to & question media sources, and those who listen before speaking.

I was raised to understand the self as something, then nothing, then everything. I've found resonance for these most interesting of all ideas in Advaita Vedanta, scientific materialism, cross-cultural philosophy of mind, phenomenology, nondual spirituality, and fiction of all sorts.

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I've been immersed in academic neuroscience since 2009. I'm proud of my hands-on skills (coding in R, bioinformatic differential expression analysis, cryo-sectioning, IHC), but prouder still of what my fellow scientists have taught me about how to analyze any system, from the human mind/emotions to consciousness to science itself.

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Loneliness and connection are both abstractions. Still, please hire me, ask me favors, join me.

If you know me IRL and want a website like this, ask me to build you one. Or I'd be happy to teach you!


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